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Creativity Explored

Stella Tse

Stella Tse was born in 1970. She has been making art in our studio since 2006.
The grip of bird feet on a branch, the expectant mouth of the chick, a butterfly unaware of the drama unfolding below are all rendered with the care of a naturalist returning to the studio after a day spent observing and cataloging. Tse’s work imparts the calmness of captured instants and gives the viewer a glimpse into the action of the natural world.

This surety is also felt in the deftness of her ability with her chosen materials. She is expert in her use of watercolor, pencil, and ink, and combines them flawlessly whether reproducing the movement of a Japanese print, or a solitary being in a landscape.

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Samples of Tse's work

Selected Exhibitions

Black and White and Read All Over, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA

Tiger Leaping Gold Mountain, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA