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Creativity Explored

Moses Brown

“Sometimes I think of myself as parachuting into my artwork,” says former Creativity Explored artist Moses Brown. Born in Brazil in 1973, Brown relocated to Arcata, CA, before finally settling in San Francisco to “expand (his) knowledge.” Brown joine the Creativity Explored studio in late 2009.

Brown is a man of many talents outside the studio - carpentry, gardening, and digital video production, to name a few. He brings this same diverse set of skills to his art practice and pursues every opportunity to try something new. Brown says the most enjoyable part of art making is striving “to figure out different techniques and styles,” as evidenced by his accomplished ceramics and paintings. “When I make art I think about the travels I’ve been on.” His detailed paintings of village scenes reflect his visits to India and Mexico.

Hard physical work and relaxation are portrayed simultaneously, giving a classical structure to these paintings, of which he states “To paint a tree, you really have to look at a tree.” A gifted observer, he is inspired by “looking around at whatever I like.” Other artists, Van Gogh and M.C. Escher in particular, also influence Brown.

Creativity Explored has given him the chance to “stay focused on making art,” which is important to Brown. “It is my job. Because making art is what I do best. When I do a self-portrait, I carry an axe because I am a worker.”

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Selected Exhibitions

Hands on Clay, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA
SMALL, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA

Ritual/Habitual, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA