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Joseph Omolayole

Joseph Omolayole (b. 1978) joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2016. Graduating from Skyline College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Omolayole remarks,"art and fashion are my passion."

Seamlessly merging art and fashion, Omolyaole begins by first researching his selected subject matter. Then he draws and paints free-hand with marker, colored pencil, acrylic, and watercolor on paper. Paying careful attention to composition, angle, light, and dark, he combines elements of the subject matter together to create a visually compelling patterned work. His work is then printed onto fabrics found at local fabric stores like Britex to create clothing. 

About working in the Creativity Explored studio, Omolayole says, "Looking at the special talent at Creativity Explored inspires me and gives me ideas. I do not copy these ideas but I make them my own."

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