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Hamilton Brian Hayes

Hamilton Brian Hayes (b. 1990) joined the Creativity Explored studio in January 2012. His chosen media are pencils, paint, markers, and watercolors, which he uses to depict superheroes, video game characters, scenes in space, and animals. Colored pencil is his favorite medium, because with it he can express small details, but enjoys the challenge of trying new materials. 

In addition to his interest in making visual art, Brian loves to sing—in 2012 he performed for Maria and Anthony Shriver as part of a Best Buddies event.

Brian’s continued interest in storytelling is inspired by movies, video games, comic books, and superhero and science fiction narratives. Brian comes to Creativity Explored to experiment and share his work with others and says “I get to be able to express my own artwork and do new things I haven’t done before.” Upcoming projects include writing stories and movie scripts, which he will illustrate. 

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