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Creativity Explored

Eunice Juarez

Eunice Juarez (b. 1996) is a versatile artist working primarily with the form of drawing. She works both from reference materials and from her own imagination - most often rendering scenes of animals or delicate portraits of dogs. 

Juarez has a stylized way of perceiving light and shadow. She methodically breaks down parts of the image into clearly delineated sections which gives her initial drawing a jigsaw puzzle-like design. Each section is then filled with color or shading. The parts of the puzzle make up a whole which is intricately organized, yet gentle and fluid. Recently, Juarez’s work was included in Bitchin’ at the CE Gallery.

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Selected Exhibitions

Bitchin' - An Art Show for Humans & Dogs, Creativity Explored, 3245 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103