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Edita Membreno

Edita Membreno (b. 1990) ambitiously experiments with different techniques and materials. Influenced by her fellow artists and instructors, Membreno constantly watches and studies the methods of others. It is this curiosity that sparked Membreno, since joining Creativity Explored in 2014, to try her hand at painting, silkscreening, sketching, and sculpture.

Membreno’s artwork plays with layering color, texture, and form. In her abstract gestural paintings on paper, Membreno examines spatial and tonal interactions through mixing and layering color. In her silkscreens on paper, Membreno investigates structure and unpredictability by often combining thin washes of acrylic with drawing.

In addition to her gestural abstract work, Membreno draws and paints figure and nature studies. Using her sketchbook as a place to play with form and color, Membreno sketches her hand adorned with jewelry like bracelets or rings, which is a nod to her practice of making jewelry, always with a flower on top of her hand and her nails painted. Her sketchbook also includes figure drawings of other CE2 artists and teachers. Membreno brings her sketches to life in her mixed media sculptures.

Whether sketching her friends at Creativity Explored, painting complex compositions, silkscreening on paper, or creating sculptures, Membreno’s artwork is marked by careful consideration and experimentation with materials and processes.  


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Selected Exhibitions

Flying Like a Rock, Pacific Northwest College of Art Center for Art and Contemporary Culture, Portland, OR
Spring-Summer Pop-up, Parlor, San Francisco, CA

Pass Away - Dia de los Muertos Altar, Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA
Natural History, Creativity Explored Gallery, San Francisco, CA