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Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong (b. 1992, San Francisco, CA) is known for his imaginative interpretations of trains primarily in clay. Wong joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2015. 

In his sculpture Untitled (J Train), 2015, ceramic, 4.75 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches, Wong reimagines SF MUNI's J train, the public transportation line he takes to Creativity Explored. Merging animals like dragons and trains, Wong crafts intriciately detailed sculptures that are so delicate that some are too fragile to fire in the kiln.

Wong translates his fantastical train creatures on paper in artworks like Untitled (Dragon Train), 2015, ink and marker on paper, 22.25 x 30 inches. In this work, the head of the train is the head of the dragon, with dragon legs hang comically below the train tracks, and the caboose of the train, the dragon tail.  

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