Have you seen artwork at Creativity Explored that you wish you could use in your own personal or business project?

Well, now you can! Our studio artists’ distinctive and accessible artwork is available to both individuals and organizations for a broad array of licensing applications.

Licensing Creativity Explored’s artwork is a powerful way for you or your organization to stand out, providing a fresh take on your communications and products and giving you a leg up on the competition by associating you with a good cause. In fact, according to a 2007 Cone Cause Evolution and Environmental Survey, “92% of the public has a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.”

Creativity Explored artists’ work has been used successfully in a wide variety of products including corporate calendars, greeting cards, CD covers, high-resolution framed prints, book and magazine covers and illustrations, textiles, t-shirts, tote bags, pillows, rugs, skateboards, and even limited-edition chocolates! Creativity Explored patrons also license our works for personal celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.

If you’re interested in using Creativity Explored artwork for a project, please browse our collection of licensable art and contact us to discuss licensing or other reproduction arrangements. 

Please note that Creativity Explored maintains copyrights for all artwork. Original artwork as well as images on this website may not be used or reproduced without our written permission.

Dan Michiels Suit
COMMES des GARÇONS Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection 
My God We Have Needles and Pens by Dan Michiels © 2009 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

BookmarksGolden Gate Bridge Puzzle


Golden Gate Bridge Puzzle
Produced by Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.
It's a Golden Day on the Bridge Today by Camille Holvoet © 2012 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC 


CB2 Releases
Above: Set of four framed digital prints by Keenan Dietiker; Left: Alan Ku's Hong Kong pillow; Right: Merna Lum's Two Birds pillow © Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

VIDA x Creativity Explored
Untitled (Black and White)Statement Bay by Marilyn Wong © 2015 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

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Licensable Art

License original art for a multitude of products.

VIDA x Creativity Explored
Glass Tray
Untitled (Green) by Vincent Jackson © 2019 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

CB2 Pillow Release
Love by Laron Bickerstaff © 2015 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC 

Recchiuti Confections Burnt Caramel Truffles
San Francisco Icons by Isaac Haney-Owens
© 2018 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

Nimble Infant Leather Booties
AniMELS by Melody Lima
© 2009 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC


CB2 Pillow
Horse of Course by Theresa Perez
© 2009 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

CB2 Fall 2010 Catalog

CB2 Catalog Photo
Carrots (pillow) by Evelyn Reyes © 2010 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC
Insectos (rug) by Maria Berrios © 2009 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC 

 Alan Ku Hong Kong Pillow

CB2 Pillow Release
Hong Kong by Alan Ku © 2013 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC 


Special Education in Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Exceptionality Textbook Cover
Untitled by Katherine Finn-Gamino © 2011 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC 


Open Editions T-Shirt  
Hot Dogs by Camille Holvoet © 2014 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC