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Rory White

Rory White (b. 1981) joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2015. White's mixed media art practice is rooted in the world of fantasy. Whether drawing a map to his invented country called Icelandia or painting a wooden panel for the Day of the Dead, White enjoys mixing colors and materials to accomplish his detailed artworks.

In 2016, White invented Icelandia, a fantasical kingdom filled with a royal family, a dragon, a wolf to protect the dragon, and of course a castle. For his royal cast of characters, White uses a variety of media from textiles to papier-mâché. Once his sculptures and castle are complete, he plans to create an animation telling the stories of Icelandia. Bringing Icelandia further to life, White is working on a series of maps of the kingdom. White also will reveal Steampunk, another country in his fantastical world that eventfully will collide with Icelandia. 



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Natural History, Creativity Explored Gallery, San Francisco, CA