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Creativity Explored

Rae Lorvick-Patt

Rae Lorvick-Patt started working at the CE Studios in 2017. Her artistic process explores portraits and people. Starting with photographic source materials she renders facial features with a simplified formality and a touch of fantasy. Many of her drawn faces include fantastical elements of adornment and face-painted ornamentation. Common imagery includes foreheads and chins adorned with sun or flower forms, cheeks bespotted with heart glyphs or freckles, and butterflies fluttering across eyes and foreheads. Typically drawn with the colorful palette of markers, Lorvick-Patt’s drawings are a bright celebration & re-imagination of diversity with her human figures rendered in skin tones ranging from hot pink to chocolate browns and portrait groupings which feature foxes, ladybugs, golden fish, butterflies and people too.

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