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Creativity Explored

Cristina Saavedra

Former Creativity Explored artist Cristina Saavedra (b. 1984, Peru) joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2008.

Collage, pastel, colored pencil, and printmaking make up her diverse art practice. Saavedra’s portraits are loose and relaxed like candid snapshots. But what seems accidental is actually deceptively organized, creating balanced composition. She is a supreme colorist, unlimited in her choice of palette, able to temper whatever is dominant in the piece with either delicate or contrasting hues. Color accentuates the stability inherent in her line: the curve of a figure is countered by its gaze; an enlarged hind leg levels and extends the square of a cat’s head; a face weighted to the left is steadied by its hair sweeping to the right.

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Samples of Saavedra's work