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“Fears of Your Life + How Fearful Can You Be”

Michael Bernard Loggins


9 x 6 inches

A Creativity Explored Classic…Now in Paperback!

In this unique book, Michael Bernard Loggins lists his fears -- 183 of them, to be exact. Michael's list includes fears shared by all of us, and some that are uniquely his. Michael deals with life's concerns in a poignant and delightful manner.

Excerpts of "Fears of Your Life" have been read on "This American Life."

Additional features in this paperback edition include:
• New chapter titled "How Fearful Can You Be?"
• Preface written by artist Harrell Fletcher
• Illustrated portraits of different characters on every page

Fourth Edition (Paperback) 2011
Third Edition (Hardcover) 2004
Second Edition (Paperback) 2001
First Edition (Paperback) 1995

Published by Manic D Press
160 pages

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