Letter to Governor Jerry Brown from Camille Shelley Holvoet

Posted on September 27, 2011

9/23/11, 9:00 am

Dear Gov. Jerry Brown,

I am not very appreciate. We want Medi-Cal to get better and health care to pay for all my necessities: chiropractor, therapists, medication, vaccinations too. Please always have my pills to sleep at night, something with no side effects to help me calm down, a flu shot to pay by doctors office. A stronger pill that I can get my Medi-Cal anti-anxiety pills and for mood swings. Even if it does have side effects to keep me from screaming and hollering. I want medical to pay by Walgreens better, please have Medi-Cal improve.

We want it to get better so I can allow more money in my account like before. Is that the right expression? Will this get me in trouble? This is Ms. Camille Shelley Holvoet writing to you Gov. Jerry Brown. Some Democrats are nice. Even doctor office visits and we want something to have a cure for diabetes. A shot for TB and injection shot habercorpazom and some pill that’ll pay for inflammation for older people like me Camille Shelley Holvoet, and everybody needs to complain to make the prices very low and send everybody a paper flyer so we can buy more stuff at the store like the good ol’ days, I’m saying this Camille Shelley Holvoet, no more going up! Please have prices go down, we can go on more trips to Hawaii, Tahoe, Yosemite, Camp Harmon, and Fresno and Boreal Ridge with the skiing, New York cheaper also.

Make food prices go down we able to be living better, make medication pay more for antibiotic if I get a sore knee or foot, let podiatrist pay, have the governor be more generous to everybody in this world. We want a med for indigestion and throwing up, Pepto should be cheaper, & Rolaids. And for ear doctors and please have the economy get better so that people can buy my work, have Creativity Explored stay open, the center, for good. Don’t let the cutbacks close the center down, 3245 16th St in the Mission.

Please have Medi-Cal pay for my knee and my arm. For x-rays or have an emergency to fall down. And my Urgent Needs across the street on Parnassus. Always my Medical Doctor. We need the days to go longer like before, by the 1960’s, the good ol’ days to come more cheaper for my extent. Make them complain for the high prices, who started inflation anyway? Not us here. Like at the White House. I don’t want no Republicans to win. We want nicer Democrats so you can give more money to us. And better services and please have GGRC stay open and have more money.  875 Stevenson, SF CA 94103.

We want my houses to always pay for my rent, change the rules, have my SSI get better, I don’t want to ever have to pay tax, just like when I was in Oakland. I don’t want to have to pay my own tax in the future for any governor that’s not nice. We only want discounts we all need and want discounts for everything in need. I don’t have to be writing my own tax. A polio shot just in case. What else? And something for obsessing, I want you to answer this important letter and receive this letter through my house. Write me a letter back as soon as I send this to you.


Camille Shelley Holvoet

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