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Josué Izquierdo

Josué Izquierdo (b. 1992) joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2014. His artwork is a type of visual list making, focusing on cataloging and categorizing images he feels personally connected to. His drawings are a collection of isolated snapshots of objects, flora and fauna, places, cartoon characters, food, and more, that combined together covey Izquierdo's idiosyncratic perspective on the world. 

Izquierdo's artistic process is marked by ritual. Focusing on one shape, like an egg or a circle, at a time, Izquierdo traces it over and over again on sheet after sheet of paper. He then lines up the completed artworks on a grid. Once Izquierdo has fully explored the subject matter, he then moves on to drawing another shape.

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Samples of Izquierdo's work

Selected Exhibitions

Art and Advocacy, California Museum, Sacramento, CA
Spring-Summer Pop-up, Parlor, San Francisco, CA

Ripe, Creativity Explored Gallery, San Francisco, CA