Our Current Board

Jeff Spicer, President
Nina Sazevich, Vice President
Joan Avallone, Treasurer
Hannah Kahn, Secretary
Edward Baba
Clair Bright
Emily Dubin
David Hansen
Ilan Hornstein
Don Lusty
Kathryn Morrison
Cindy Morton
Catherine Norris
Chris Ospital
Ikuko Satoda
Kris Twining

Administrative, Management & Support Staff

Clare Armbruster, Office Manager
Amy Auerbach, Gallery Manager
Alyssa Block, Art Sales Associate
Ann Kappes, Marketing & Business Development Director
E. Francis Kohler, CE2 Studio & Services Manager/Visual Arts Instrutor
Paul Moshammer, Studio Manager/Visual Arts Instructor
Elena “Bety” Ortiz, Habilitation Aide
Amy Taub, Executive Director
Thad Warren, Art & Exhibition Preparator
Danielle Wright, Gallery Assistant

Geri Montano
Visual Arts Instructor

Geri Montano received her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute where she studied drawing, painting, and sculpture. Her work has been exhibited at SFAI’s Diego Rivera Gallery, Rouge Gallery, and other Bay Area venues, including the Berkeley Theater Project. Geri then moved to Seattle and explored political street theater while working for The Art of Resistance, where she was a painter, costume-maker, and performer. Geri is excited to be back in San Francisco actively reconnecting with its diverse and eclectic art scene while working in her home studio.

I immensely enjoy teaching at Creativity Explored where I can combine my altruistic tendencies with my love of the visual arts. Teaching here feels like a dream job to me. Each artist I work with is unabashedly creative in his/her own way and this is chal

Teaching Artists

Pam Berry, Visual Arts Instructor
Victor Cartagena, Visual Arts Instructor
Suda Changkasiri, Visual Arts Instructor
Gilles Combet , Visual Arts Instructor
Leeza Doreian, Visual Arts Instructor
Carole Fitzgerald, CCSF Visual Arts Instructor
Vanesa Gingold, Visual Arts Instructor
Ester Hernandez, Visual Arts Instructor
Judith LaRosa, Visual Arts Instructor
Eric Larson, Assistant Studio Manager & Visual Arts Instructor
Kelley Kerslake, Visual Arts Instructor
Geri Montano, Visual Arts Instructor
Larry Morace, Visual Arts Instructor
Pilar Olabarria, Visual Arts Instructor & Services Coordinator
Grace Rosario Perkins, Visual Arts Instructor
Mara Poliak, Visual Arts Instructor & Volunteer Coordinator
Miranda Putman, Visual Art Instructor
Horace Washington, Visual Arts Instructor


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Amy Taub
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Ann Kappes

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Thursday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday, 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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