Are visitors welcome?
Absolutely! No appointment is necessary and visitors are always welcome. We ask that you contact us to make an appointment if you are interested in an in-depth tour, or if you are coming with a group of more than five people.

Who are your studio artists?
All of our studio artists have a developmental disability and an interest in art. Many of our studio artists experience additional disabilities such as mental illness, emotional disturbances, and/or physical disabilities. Currently, our youngest artist just turned 20, and our oldest is 82. Artists joining our studio come from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and bring with them a wide range of ability and experience.

How many studio artists do you have?
We have about 130 studio artists working in our two studios. Some studio artists create art on a part-time basis, while some work in the studio full-time. On most days, about 60 people make art in our 3245 16th Street studio, and about 20 people work in our One Arkansas Street studio.

Who is eligible to become a studio artist?
Any adult with a developmental disability in the Bay Area may apply. You must have the ability to purchase services, either through private means, or be eligible to receive funding through the California Regional Center Developmental Disabilities System.

How many staff members do you have?
Creativity Explored employs about 20 professional artists to facilitate the artmaking process in our two studios. Seven people work in the gallery and provide administrative and program support. City College of San Francisco provides a part-time professional artist/instructor to help us meet our goals. Volunteers and interns also contribute in numerous ways to our successful program implementation.

How are you structured?
Creativity Explored is a private, nonprofit entity incorporated by the State of California, governed by a 9 to 19 member volunteer Board of Directors. The Board of Directors employs an Executive Director who is responsible for carrying out the policies of the Board of Directors, administering agency programs, and managing agency personnel.

How are you funded?
70% of our income is realized from fees paid by Golden Gate Regional Center to purchase our services. 10% of our income is generated from the sale of original art and art products (t-shirts, notecards, books, DVDs, etc.). Grants for specific program initiatives and general operating expenses from private and public foundations, gifts, individual and business contributions, and fundraising events make up the remaining 20%.

If I buy art, where does the money go?
Proceeds from sales of original art are shared equally by the studio artist and Creativity Explored. Creativity Explored’s share is used to frame work in Gallery exhibitions and to cover other exhibition expenses. We do not make money for general operating costs from art sale proceeds.

If I donate money, how is it used? 
Your money may be used to fund a core program as described above, or a project. Your suppport may be directed toward purchasing high-quality art supplies, tools or equipment, exhibition expenses, such as framing supplies, or brochures and invitations. Some of our operating expenses are not as apparent, such as costs to hire a bookkeeper and janitor, pay the rent, and pay for utilities or postage.

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