We appreciate you thinking of us and donating some wonderful “junk” that often turns into a fabulous piece of art!

We have listed some items below that we can use — and really appreciate — and some things we are unable to accept. If you are thinking about making a donation, please check the list below or call to see if it’s something we can take.

Supplies and equipment we currently need
Mac computers and compatible peripherals that are less than three years old (G5s only, please!)
Digital projectors
DVD players
Digital video cameras/camcorders
Flat files
Electric potter's wheel

What we take

Nontoxic paints and inks


Frames that are sturdy and in good shape (no glass)

Heavyweight paper
Matte board
String, yarn, and large fabric scraps
Windows with wood frames in good shape
Wood in good shape
Fiberboard and press board
Foam core

Heavyweight wallpaper

We also welcome certain donations of service and performance. We are especially excited to find musicians to play at our opening receptions.

What we don’t take
House paint of any type

Toxic materials of any kind, including paints
Styrofoam packing materials


Greeting cards

If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please contact us.

Ways to give 

Donate Online
Your contribution helps us continue this important work.


Give art supplies, equipment, goods and services to CE!


Learn about business sponsorships and donations.

Other Gifts
Support CE with a gift of stock, matching gift, or other contribution.