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"James F. Miles Is A Boyfriend And A Girlfriend"

James Miles


11.1 x 8.1 inches

In conjunction with our 2007 Miles in the Sky gallery exhibition, San Francisco's esteemed Gallery 16 released a new book titled "James F. Miles Is A Boyfriend And A Girlfriend" containing 40 color reproductions of drawings and paintings by CE artist James Miles. The book is written by well-known contemporary artist Harrell Fletcher as part of Gallery 16's 1 Artist, 1 Concept series.

Fletcher first discovered Miles' work when he was volunteering in CE's studio in the early 1990s. Since that date, he has included Miles' work in several projects and exhibitions. Fletcher says Miles' work "stood out from the moment I saw it, and has been compelling to me ever since. James' drawings are both very everyday and incredibly mysterious at the same time. He is operating on another level from anyone else I've ever encountered -- almost as if he is physically in this universe but perceiving several others that are undetectable to other people. The results are poignant, funny, disturbing, and generally stunning."

Published by: Gallery 16 Editions
56 pages, Hardback.

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