Creativity Explored at the SF Art Book Fair

Posted on June 29, 2017

Creativity Explored at the SF Art Book Fair

Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota Street
Friday, July 21, through Sunday, July 23, 2017

Creativity Explored is pleased to announce its participation at the SF Art Book Fair at Minnesota Street Project. Visitors to Creativity Explored’s booth will peruse a dazzling array of original art books, zines, cards, notebooks, and professionally published books.

Handmade, one-of-a-kind, multimedia art books, created by several studio artists, including Ming Choi, Vincent Jackson, Daniel Li, Sara O’Sullivan, and Christina Marie Fong, will be on view and for sale. These books vary in size, shape, and subject – ranging from Li’s exacting drawings of trucks and MUNI buses to Fong’s series of bold celebrity portraits.

Creativity Explored will also present a new collaborative comic, Random Paper Ball, organized and edited by studio artist Joseph “JD” Green and featuring his own work, plus that of five additional studio artists: Laron Bickerstaff, Jesus Huezo, Raven McCormick, Quintin Rodriguez, and Richard Wright. A twist on the surrealist technique exquisite corpse, each artist created a set of three panels based on the last panel of the previous artist’s set.

In addition to these handmade offerings, we will make available a selection of publications recognizing the work of individual Creativity Explored studio artists. These include the perennial favorite Fears of Your Life by Michael Bernard Loggins, which was featured on a 2003 episode of This American Life; Lancescape Architecture, with artwork by Lance Rivers accompanied by Colter Jacobsen’s essay on Rivers’ body of work; and Antonio Benjamin’s playful yet thought-provoking Book of Nudes

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