Posted on November 20, 2014

Creativity Explored and Rod Cavazos of (The) Alphabetic Order hosted Doodlefest, a fun and creative meet-up on Saturday, November 15, 2014. Held in conjunction with the exhibition StereoTYPE, particpiants engaged in an interactive font-building excerise called a FontBake in which each participant selected a letter to interpret in their own creative way. Creativity Explored artists Trevor Cartmill-Endow designed the letter 'G' and the letter 'Z' and Gerald Wiggins created the letter 'J' for the font. All the letters were then quickly compiled into a working font. 

In addition to the FontBake, invitees played U+Bingo, a different take on classic game of bingo. In U+Bingo, the traditonal bingo board letters and numbers are replaced with unique characters, letters, and symbols from around the world. CE artist Gerald Wiggins was one of the three lucky winners of U+Bingo!

For a free download of FontBake Seven, please click Download Press Images (Web). 

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