Gallery Exhibition/Event
Posted on May 28, 2013

June 20 through August 7, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 20, 2013, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Location: 3245 16th Street (at Guerrero Street), San Francisco CA 94103

San Francisco, May 28, 2013—Creativity Explored presents recent work by four young studio artists who represent a range of artistic styles, perspectives and subject matter in its new summer exhibition, Introductions.

The foursome, Kate Thompson, Marcus McClure, Steven Liu, and Keenan Dietiker, have all attended Creativity Explored for at least one year, and are still evolving in their practice.  “Each of these young artists incorporates a unique vision, approach and technique,” says Gallery Manager Amy Auerbach, co-curator of the exhibit. “We felt their combined pieces offer an intriguing spectrum of work, from very abstract to intricately rendered,” adds Gallery Assistant and co-curator, Janessa Post.

Kate Thompson, 24, was already a prolific artist before her arrival at Creativity Explored in 2011. “I share what’s in my head and that’s all,” she states in her bio, but what springs from her mind are beautiful, exquisitely detailed scenes, which she executes in her finely-rendered ink drawings. One of Thompson’s artworks in this exhibit is a scene from an under-the-water perspective – as though one is looking from the side of a water tank. It’s a comically busy aquatic intersection, populated by seemingly every shape and style of swimmer, each with his or her own uniquely styled and colored swimsuit, heading through the water in a different direction. Another artwork features six salsa-dancing couples – again, each person highly individualized, yet within a uniform scene. This latter drawing has been licensed to the contemporary home furnishings store CB2 for an upcoming pillow design (due out in early fall 2013). Thompson was also featured in Oakland’s Pro Arts Annual in 2012.

Marcus McClure’s work stands in stark contrast to that of Thompson’s: he paints exuberant layered abstracts in mixed media (watercolors, acrylics and markers), using predominantly circular and other geometric forms, usually in earth tones with bright accent colors. McClure, 29, only stops painting when he’s run out of surface; in fact, his favorite part of the exhibit is the opportunity to paint portions of Creativity Explored’s gallery windows – which expresses his desire to paint endlessly. Exhibit highlights include a beautiful large canvas composition of circles in muted pinks, peaches, browns and grays; as well as works using a variety of geometric shapes, painted in watercolor and acrylics. CB2 also selected two of McClure’s works as the basis for past rug designs.

Steven Liu, 24, immediately astonished Creativity Explored staff with the complexity and vigor of his line. Not pausing to ponder, measure or block out on a grid, he starts to draw and just keeps going, rendering intricate scenes with people– all elaborately detailed and in a state of motion, reflecting his own active physical nature. Liu uses black marker on canvas, augmented by acrylic color, to create this energized vision. Examples in this exhibit include a series of drawings of bicycle riders; and another large canvas piece depicting a trio of modern dancers caught in motion, stretching and swaying dramatically.

Keenan Dietiker, 23, is the newest artist of the four to join Creativity Explored and the youngest contributor to this exhibit. His artworks, mixed media on paper, are predominantly but not exclusively abstract landscapes. Highlighted works include a rolling, hilly landscape with grass swaying in the wind and a burning sky; and an abstract made from ink, marker and watercolor that radiates an explosive energy.

“As we celebrate Creativity Explored’s 30th anniversary, we are not only reflecting on the past but also looking forward, and we feel that these four artists’ dynamic work represents the bright and exciting future of our organization,” says Post.

Auerbach adds, “It’s another way of advancing Creativity Explored’s mission of nurturing artistic expression, professional pride and independence for these wonderful and diversely talented artists with developmental disabilities.”

Introductions and other exhibitions presented during Creativity Explored’s 30th Anniversary are supported by the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation.

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Creativity Explored 30th Anniversary - 2013

This year, Creativity Explored in San Francisco is celebrating 30 years of assisting artists with developmental disabilities to pursue both their artistic passion and their quest to become working artists. Through a supportive studio environment, including individualized instruction from mentoring artists, quality supplies, and professional opportunities to exhibit and sell their art, the organization establishes these artists’ work as an emerging and increasingly important contribution to the contemporary art world.

Founded by Florence and Elias Katz in 1983, Creativity Explored has expanded to two locations: the main gallery and studio on 16th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, and a second studio in nearby Potrero Hill. Gallery programming now includes six exhibitions per year, with more than 15,000 people visiting the gallery and studio annually. This year’s calendar of events highlights include a solo exhibition by Vincent Jackson, one of Creativity Explored’s most prolific, engaging, and longest-practicing artists; a themed For the Birds exhibit; a Dia De Los Muertos exhibition; and, the annual Holiday Art Sale.

Over the years, the organization’s innovative and respected programs, structure and culture have been recognized as a model worldwide in the field of art and disability. In addition to the studios, exhibitions and gallery sales, Creativity Explored has developed a licensing division, working with the likes of affordable modern furnishing company CB2, and renowned artisan chocolate business Recchiuti Confections; and providing art services for several properties, including BRIDGE Housing (affordable housing), and Avalon Mission Bay (upscale apartment community).

In addition, Creativity Explored’s 30th anniversary exhibitions are supported by a grant from Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation (a family foundation which supports both fine arts and performing arts in the Bay Area). Creativity Explored and its artists are also the inspiration and content source for renowned writer Beth Lisick’s 2013 series, Tell You What, made possible by a Creative Work Fund grant. 

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