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October 8 - November 18, 2008

Creativity Explored

San Francisco, CA

Street by Laron Bickerstaff © 2008 Creativity Explored.

The vibrant world of textile art springs to life as Creativity Explored artists go beyond the wearable, and celebrate the teeming possibilities of deceptively familiar fiber.

Many of the artists who will be showing pieces in this exhibition are regulars at Creativity Explored's smaller, second studio in Potrero Hill, where artists with more severe disabilities or a combination of physical and developmental disabilities work. "A lot of these artists are trying textiles for the first time," says curator and Creativity Explored Art Instructor Nicole Selçuk. "But working with fiber is such a tactile, sensory experience. Just digging through a bag of fabric feels so wonderful. They really got into it."

The popularity of the project has been such that a spontaneous Monday Men's Sewing Circle is now a highly anticipated part of the week at the studio. Sewing circle members Tony Gomez and Melvin Geisenhofer collaborated on a large-scale modular wall hanging comprised of a number of yarn-wrapped squares that can be arranged and rearranged according to taste. Gomez has also been exploring embroidery and has created several abstract pieces that defy the boundaries of the hoop. Geisenhofer also contributes a large-scale sculptural assemblage that incorporates woven wicker dried flowers and skeins of yarn.

Another member of the circle, Thomas Pringle, worked for months on an elaborate piece called the Egyptian Collar. The wearable, golden collar is adorned with scores of handmade coils of yarn. Accompanying the piece is a set of care instructions that warn of a possible curse on the collar. Buyer beware.

Several artists are exhibiting quilts including one by Thanh Diep that explores the connection between intimacy and bed covers. Edana Contreras also contributes a hand-dyed quilt that depicts a scene from her original comic book about the adventures of super hero Earl Grey. On the quilt, Earl Grey is foiling a robbery at a tea shop.

Other works include a detailed fabric collage of the French provinces by Eric Boysaw, a tapestry weaving of handprints by Gordon Shepard, several dyed silk pieces by Allura Fong and Warren Jee and a stitched, abstract wall hanging by Laron Bickerstaff entitled “Street.”

Music will be provided by New Maps of the West.

Creativity Explored
3245 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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