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Finders Keepers

January 9 - February 27, 2008

Creativity Explored

San Francisco, CA

Creativity Explored artists turn trash into treasure in a new exhibition of sculptural works made from cast-off wood, metal, wire, and other found objects.

From a bag of socks to the old bathroom door, studio artists found new uses for a huge variety of odds and ends donated to Creativity Explored or collected on street corners by the exhibition’s curator Paul Moshammer. Over the course of an eight-week workshop, Moshammer, himself a found object artist, introduced studio artists to the joys of junk. “Working with found objects is like a game,” he says. “It’s really an interesting puzzle of putting pieces together until something clicks.”

Moshammer says that for some artists like Hector Lopez, the big thrill was using power tools. “I showed Hector how to use the electric drill,” he says. “And suddenly he was making these amazing assemblages of hinges and screws and metal gadgets. I think he really grew as an artist and learned a lot about a new tool for art making.”

Artist Kelly Clark agrees. “Sculpture is something new for me,” she says. “It’s fun to build things. It could be a new direction.” For the show, Clark created a sculptural work of fiber art by weaving strips of donated socks through the slats of a wooden dish drying rack. Charlie Barthelet also went with fiber, wrapping a rusting piece of fencing in colorful yarn.

Other abstract pieces like these include John Patrick McKenzie’s meditation on romance, rendered as stream of conscious poetry scrawled in a great swooping semi circle on half a tabletop. Suet Fun also created a text-based piece using a Sharpie pen to cover a large, glass chemistry tube with Chinese characters.

Some of the more whimsical contributions include David Fellom’s coffee cup sculpture and Walter Kresnik’s mini car factory complete with polluting smoke stack. Abel Pineda contributes an old birdcage filled with hand drawn wooden birds, and Theresa Perez pays homage to Hollywood with a wooden pirate ship whose sail is a series of stitched together images of a swashbuckling Johnny Depp.

Music will be by Peter Whitehead, instrument builder, performer, composer and songwriter. His instruments, often based on folk instruments from around the world, feature unusual or found materials in place of more traditional ones. (e.g. a harp made from a five- gallon metal drum and a Eucalyptus branch, with kitchen spoons for tuning pegs.) The perfect find! 

Creativity Explored
3245 16th Street
San Francisco CA 94103

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