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Tree of Life Artmaking Workshop

March 21, 2015
1:00 to 4:00 pm

Creativity Explored

3245 Sixteenth Street (at Guerrero)
 San Francisco, CA 94103

Vintage Mexican Folk Art on Amate bark painting, 15 x 12 inches

Join us for a one day workshop.

An exciting component of the exhibition Tree of Life is a one-day workshop taught by instructors Lani Asher and Pam Berry. Creativity Explored artists will assist and provide inspiration for this community based, 'hands-on' class.

This workshop is designed for beginning and experienced adult artists to explore the ideas of the cycles of life as depicted through the motifs of the tree, birds, flowers, and mythology. By drawing, painting and collaging on paper, workshops participants will create personal interpretations of this archetypal symbol of The Tree of Life.

The class will include a short slide talk about iconic tree images from world cultures; inclusive of painting, sculpture and photography, from prehistoric to contemporary. 

CE instructors Lani Asher and Pam Berry will provide a demonstration on creating composition, painting techniques, and collage suggestions before giving one-on-one assistance as needed throughout the afternoon. The class will close with a friendly critique session of sharing the day's artwork. 

The class will begin promptly at 1:00 pm, so please arrive on time to make full use of this art day. 

$35 class fee (includes materials)

Space is limited to 12 people! Please e-mail to reserve your place in the class.


March 12, 2015
7:00 to 9:00 pm

Creativity Explored

3245 Sixteenth Street (at Guerrero) San Francisco, CA 94103

Detail of Un Árbol de Mangos by Nubia Ortega © 2015 Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC, watercolor on paper, 18 x 14 inches

Artistic representations of trees as powerful symbols of growth and unity

Tree of Life is a group exhibition that celebrates the rich cultural diversity and assorted art styles found at Creativity Explored. The title of the show references the universal image of the "Tree of Life," which manifests in folklore, mythology, and world religions. The “Tree of Life” is globally known by many different names, for example, The Cosmic Tree, The Holy Tree, Ydryssil, the Bhodi Tree, and The Tree of Enlightenment. A powerful symbol of growth and unity, trees of all varieties, depicted in a range of media, are the source of inspiration for this exhibition that explores trees’ influences on artistic and cultural life.

Selected works include Nubia Ortega’s watercolor on paper titled Un Árbol de Mangos, 2015 which reimagines the symbol of the “Tree of Life” through a vibrantly colored and patterned mango tree set against the dark night sky. In Kathy Wen’s watercolor on paper titled, Tree for Animals, 2014 the artist reflects on the interconnectivity of trees and animal life. Painted in her meticulous patterned and embellished style, Wen scatters animals throughout the branches emphasizing how trees offer animals shelter, food, and a place to escape. Furthering the notion of trees as a place of refuge, Zachary Adams’ watercolor and ink on paper titled, Treehouse with Windows, 2014 depicts a habitat built within the branches of the tree eluding to the artist nostalgic yearning for space to play and dream.

In using the universal symbol of the “Tree of Life,” the works included in this exhibition reflect not only on the tree as a symbol of unity and support, but also how trees trigger memory and experience.

Artist Pam Berry, a Creativity Explored Visual Arts Instructor and the exhibition’s co-curator (with Visual Arts Instructor Lani Asher), sees the show as “a way to raise awareness about our shared habitat with nature.”

The last day of Tree of Life coincides with the Earth Day’s 45th anniversary on April 22, 2015, followed by Arbor Day on April 24, 2015. Plan to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day by viewing artwork inspired by the powerful symbol of the tree.   

Participating artists:  Ian AdamsZachary AdamsMary BelknapMaria Berrios,Henry BrunsElana CooperPeter CordovaCharles "Pancho" CruzBadia Forbes,Joseph "JD" GreenMaribel GuzmanNita HicksOlga KardonskayaWalter KresnikMelody LimaSteven LiuHector Lopez, Merna LumMirian Munguia, Nubia OrtegaBertha OtoyaSelene PerezAbel PinedaEthel RevitaKevin RoachCheryle RutledgeAnne SlaterErnesto SosaKate Thompson, Kathy WenAlexander Yeap, and Doris Yen.

Curated by Visual Arts Instructors Lani Asher and Pam Berry

Opening Reception

Thursday, March 12, 2015

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Music by Meredith Axelrod 

Donor Preview*

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

*To become a donor, click here.


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