Meet Daniel Silberstein, July co-winner of #CurateWithCE

Meet Daniel Silberstein, July co-winner of #CurateWithCE

Posted on August 27, 2015

It is the last few days of our #CurateWithCE Instagram photo contest. Fans have posted photographs of CE artwork in their homes, offices, gardens, garage, treehouses, etc. on Instagram using the hashtag #CurateWithCE. 

Each month the regramed submission with the most "likes" is featured on our blog and social media channels.

Congratulations to Daniel Silberstein, whose submission of artwork by CE artist Hung Kei Shiu received the most "likes" in July. 

Get to know Daniel Silberstein in the following Q&A and view artworks by CE artists Antonio Benjamin and Roland Record

1. When and how did you first discover Creativity Explored?

I discovered CE around five years ago. I was inspired by The Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, so it was natural that I found my way over to Creativity Explored.

2. What stood out about Creativity Explored to you?

The energy of the place both when the studio is full of artists or on the weekend when it’s only visitors.

It is a bright welcoming place where you can dig for treasure, which is a pastime of mine. 

3. When did you start collecting?

I started collecting self taught art many years ago when I was working as an aide in an elementary classroom. The teacher would  throw students’ art or writing with little pictures into the recycling bins, there was just so much produced!  During breaks, I would take the ones I liked out of the bins, bring them home, frame them, and stick them on my walls.   

4. What do you look for when selecting work?

I look for something that speaks to me. It could be based on pattern, texture, color, or feeling.

When you walk into CE you can get overwhelmed with just how much muchness there is in the space. It helps to know what area of your house you want the piece to live in and how much space you are working with. Then I just go for what catches my eye and fits within those parameters.  

5. What drew you to the work you own from Creativity Explored?

I was drawn to their color, brightness, and life.  In an age when everything seems to be designed by computers or traced from projections these pieces to me feel human.

6. What are some of the CE works that have special meaning for you and why?

I am attached to Roland Record’s piece that I have in my bathroom. I imagine the labor of love he put into the piece, not just because there are hearts within it. It’s layered in a way that I am constantly finding new parts within it and that brings me joy. I also look at it in the shower so that doesn’t hurt.   

7. What is your most treasured CE artwork?

All of them!

8. How do you decide and design the hanging?

I go for it. You can always rearrange.

 9. What advice would you give to young collectors?

If something catches your eye and makes you feel take it home. Your home is your chance to be your own curator and the art can be ever changing. Don’t sleep on a piece that you love. The pieces at CE are one of a kind and they may not be there when you come back in a week, month, or even a day.

Instagram submission for #CurateWithCE
Top: CE artist Hung Kei Shiu
CE artist Antonio Benjamin
CE artist Roland Record

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