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Rosemary Tufo

Born in 1956, this San Francisco native was a studio artist at Creativity Explored from 2005 until 2007.

From the time she could remember, Rosemary Tufo has been making art. According to Tufo, she used to make greeting cards as a child always with “lots of happy faces.” Tufo continues to draw grinning, hat-topped heads in large works, composed in groups that create much movement and an interesting rippling effect. Whether the subject matter is faces, abstracted turtles, or organic shapes, the common characteristic is repetition. Rosemary says she varies the size of the elements based on intuition. This intuition allows for dynamic compositions.
Rosemary also uses papier-mache, clay, and textiles to create artwork. When using these materials, Rosemary enjoys the process of “getting dirty”.

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