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Nathaniel Jeung

Nathaniel Jeung (b. 1994) began at the CE Studios in 2017. Jeung’s works are often devoted representations of pop cultural iconography from comic characters like Pokemon & Yugioh to characters from High School Musical. He works primarily with pencil, watercolor, markers and printed images from the internet.

Some of Jeung’s works are visual representations of the feeling and experience he gets from singing himself. Singing is a part of Jeung’s daily life at home and his artistic process slides seamlessly between media; he watches an episode of High School Musical, sings along and creates a collaged painting which illuminates his favorite points in the song. In his latest painting the words "We’re All in This Together" are emblazoned across the page, while internet printouts of the High School Musical cast form a visual choir that intermixes with Jeung’s personalized drawings of each figure. Jeung sings along and points to the physical place in his 2-d works that correspond to each part of the song. These works operate like a personalized musical score. 

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