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Ming Choi

Born in San Francisco, 1984, Ming Choi has been a studio artist at Creativity Explored since 2009. Choi’s influences come from “Japanese anime, Japanese and American comics, animated TV shows, films by Disney and Warner Brothers” as well as current events and his daily life. He transforms these sources with his quickly rendered marks into a unified artistic vision concerned with “reversing older concepts and creating a new take on familiar concepts.”

Working on wood, scratch board, paper, or digitally with a Wacom Tablet, Choi’s drawing style is bold and graphic, with enough detail to convey the stories and ideas he wants to address. These narratives are often complex, multi-faceted examinations of our world as it relates to, and is reflected in, an imagined world of action, conflict and moral dilemmas. The meticulous preparation needed for this work is shown in the extensive note-taking Choi uses to clarify the traits and beliefs of the characters he depicts. These notes are integrated into the final piece, or crystallized into a few lines of dialogue or narration.

Choi has produced numerous small ceramic sculptures of the objects and vehicles that populate his artistic universe, adding a sense of solidity to his innovative and conceptual practice.

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Selected Exhibitions

Ritual/Habitual, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA

"Science" Fiction, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA