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Mack Mesler

Mack Mesler (b. 1998) has been an artist in the Creativity Explored Studios since 2017. Working primarily as a digital illustrator, Mesler renders painterly landscapes and comic drawings that mobilize slapstick humor, bright, flat color fields & digitized effects to create his recognizable body of work.

His digital landscapes speak to a time-honored tradition in the history of painting, with a turn toward the contemporary. Bright pixel deserts, neon cacti and electric sunsets dominate his visual language. Painterly effects are achieved through expert use of digital tools and filters to blur, blend and create texture.

In Mesler’s comic work he creates characters and digital animations through dedicated drawing and story development. He is best known for his character group The Burning Birds, a roving band of penguins that goes on adventures all over the world while defending themselves from an overblown penguin hunter. In Mesler’s vision, the clever penguins are always three steps ahead and outsmart the hunter every time.

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