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Kira Chmelewski

Kira Chmelewski (b. 1987) joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2013. A frequent international traveler, Chmelewski finds inspiration for some of her artworks from her travels. Chmeleski's artworks are marked by a repetition of forms. Through repeating flowers, geometric shapes, or abstract gestures, patterns emerge in her mixed media artworks. 

When starting a piece, she envisions how she wants to fill the picture plane before starting. Using black permanent marker and stencils to outline shapes like circles, triangles, and squares, Chmelewski then fills in the shapes with bright abd bold colored permanent markers creating shapes that are reminiscent of stained glass windows like those seen on a trip to Italy. She sometimes leaves the background either blank or adds a solid fill color that finishes the work. More recently, Chmelewski has begun experimenting with collage, pasting her cut geometric shapes onto a painted surface in unique variations. 

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