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Katherine Finn-Gamino

Katherine Finn-Gamino (b. 1984) is always ready to strike a pose or practice some dance moves during lunch. She has been an eager member of the Friday dance class since she joined our studio in 2011.

Her personality and sense of humor are effusive and infectious. She loves to paint “because it’s fun” and one of her cherished Creativity Explored memories is “just talking about girl things and hanging out” with the other artists. Her favorite painter is Jackson Pollock, “I like the way he splatters paint around everywhere.” And this reveals another layer of Finn-Gamino. Her art, while abstract like Pollock’s, is entirely different from it. Delicate, controlled, and generally based on repeated squares, her abstractions are focused and systematic, yet remain fluid and warm.

Finn-Gamino'a materials are watercolor, ink, and marker. She builds row upon row of colorful squares on top of subtle background washes. The shapes have slight variations in size, alignment and orientation. Her finished pieces have an entrancing, hypnotic quality, and here the old adage about finding the artist in the artwork rings true: her work is as charming and spellbinding as she is.

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