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Isaias Gomez

Isaias Gomez (b.1996) draws both digitally and with traditional graphite as well. His style is rooted in realism, architectural illustration and with fantasy themes underlying many of his works. Gomez has an expert eye for proportion and perspective as evidenced by his illustrations of the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit and Sutro Tower and many other San Franciscan landmarks. Gomez is happy to draw architectural forms because he says “it helps me develop my skills.” 

Gomez is comfortable sliding between mediums: from digital to analog, from pencil on paper to digital pens in Photoshop - he says “because I am an artist.” That flexibility leads to innovation. One particularly satisfying challenge Gomez found was in digitally creating a glowing quality in the lights of the city skyline at night. Through manipulation of digital filters and paint tools Gomez was able to achieve his desired affect and was pleased to bring the warmth of light to a digital re-creation.

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