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Elana Cooper

Elana Cooper (b. 1973, San Francisco, CA) joined in the Creativity Explored studio in 2013. Cooper's art practice is inspired by animals and flowers. She is primarily known for her striking portraits of the silhouettes of flowers.

For her flower silhouettes, Cooper looks at a picture or a book for inspiration. Then drawing the shape of the selected flower, Cooper then paints over the drawing with bold strokes. By painting the background in one color and the flower in a contrasting color, Cooper's flower take on an abstract quality. 

Taking her flower artworks one step further, Cooper created a series of sculptures in 2013. These cut-out flower sculptures were painted in bright hues like orange, pink, and blue. For the exhibition Tabula Rasa, on view at Creativity Explored March 3 through April 13, 2016, Cooper created a series of black flower silhouettes on white paper. In this series, Cooper painted her signature flowers in a much larger scale as the works are all 80 x 30 inches. 

In 2014 the San Francisco Girls Chorus (SFGC) selected Cooper as one of the CE artists comissioned to create cut-out animal props for the chorus’ dramatic concert production of Noye’s Fludde (Noah’s Flood), a modern adaptation of a 15th century mystery play. Cooper's animal puppets were displayed in a concurrent animal-themed exhibition at Creativity Explored, A Curious Menagerie, on view March 6 though April 16, 2014. 

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Selected Exhibitions

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Tabula Rasa, Creativity Explored , San Francisco, CA

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A Curious Menagerie, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA