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Audwin Stansbury

Audwin “Audie” Stansbury (b. 1953, Texas) wants to be a famous artist. Everything about art interests him, and he wants to produce his own books, paintings, sculptures, and digital work. He is aware of the hard work involved in attaining this goal and is anxious to learn how. His drawings show the makings of an excellent portraitist. They combine delicacy with vigor, swinging very quickly from representation to abstraction. He uses color and form experimentally, and is willing to try any technique because he wants to get better.

One would never assume that such a polite, soft-spoken, and gentle man would harbor ambitions of fame. But he does, as do most artists, whether publically admitted or not. Stansbury’s goals and history are often carefully written onto business cards and bundled with rubber bands. He can then humbly present them when asked banal questions like “What are your influences?” or “What do you like about making art?” and answer with a smile and a few tender words of explanation. 

Stansbury created art at Creativity Explored from 2009 through 2011. 


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Selected Exhibitions

Hands on Clay, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA
SMALL, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA

Monster, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA
Lit, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA