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Ade Lewis

Ade Lewis (b. 2000 ) has been an artist in the Creativity Explored Studios since 2018. Working primarily in watercolor, marker & pen Lewis has a detailed eye for portraiture. Lewis draws personalized portraits of models from fashion magazines & celebrity features.  His process of drawing is concise, fast-paced & in the moment, perfectly matching the style and speed of pop culture journalism itself.

Lewis’s work has been featured in shows at Creativity Explored like Fabulate! A fashion show and fashion-inspired gallery exhibition. Lewis participated as a fabulous runway model as well as a featured artist. In the show he shared a prolific grid of drawings that illustrated female fashion models rendered in bright watercolors with clear linear edges.

Lewis’s confidence can be seen in his gestural quality, the implied swagger of his figures and in his own presence in the studio. He is always eager to engage with visitors to the Gallery & Studio and to share the story of his work with them. Lewis is an energetic and multi-talented artist who is cultivating tandem practices in singing, Jiu Jitsu, and acting.

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