Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Creativity Explored.   

Your time and experience can make a BIG difference. There are a number of ways you can get involved—and you don’t have to be an artist!

Creativity Explored values volunteer contributions and considers them an important part of our services. We use volunteers in a number of ways. Volunteers assist teachers in the studio, help in the office, assist us to market and exhibit artwork, paint, clean, run errands, etc. Volunteers also assist with public relations and publicity, and research and develop possible funding sources for Creativity Explored.

We attempt to match your skills and interest with our needs. When we are able to do this well, everybody is satisfied—and it makes a fulfilling volunteer experience. Our needs vary—there may be times when we can use you, and there may be times when we are not able to use your contribution.

You must live in the Bay Area to volunteer.
Thanks to all you folks who live elsewhere in the world who may have been interested in volunteering. Please check out our links to see if we are aware of an art center near you where you could donate some time.

Below you can read more about our current Volunteer Needs. When you’re ready to apply, simply fill out an application. If you have further questions, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at

NOTE: Our Volunteer Coordinator works part-time, so you may not receive an immediate response to your application.  In most cases, you will hear from us within two weeks.  Thank you for your interest and patience!

Volunteer Needs

Administrative Support
Volunteers assist administrative staff to perform clerical support functions, e.g., preparing mailings, filing, entering data, answering phones, performing special projects, etc.

Necessary Skills: Personable and organized, good customer relations skills

Expected Commitment: Minimum of three hours per session when need arises

Art Studio

Volunteers assist in the studio to facilitate the artmaking process. A wide variety of non-toxic art media are used to create works on paper, sculpture, mixed media assemblages and construction, etc. Responsibilities may include prep work, clean up, teaching assistance, special projects, and workshops. Volunteer slots for the art studio are limited and not always available. Volunteers must be available on a weekday during studio hours, 8:45 am to 2:15 pm.

Necessary Skills: Working familiarity with various art media and techniques, respect for individual creativity

Expected Commitment: Minimum of four hours per day, one time per week for three months

Gallery Sales Support
Volunteers are needed to assist with gallery sales, greeting gallery patrons, organizing and preparing artwork for sale, inventory, and other projects. Must be available one weekend day from 12:00 - 5:00 pm. 

Necessary Skills: Personable and organized with customer relations or retail experience.

Special Events
There are a variety of activities for people who wish to volunteer at exhibition opening receptions, our annual holiday sale, or our annual fund raising event. Responsibilities may include welcoming attendees, setting up and staffing the wine and food area, providing artist bios and other information to patrons, writing receipts, wrapping art, etc.

Necessary Skills: Friendly and responsible

Expected Commitment: Assist us with at least three special events in one calendar year

Volunteer application

Volunteer Interests

Please describe your experience in the volunteer areas you selected above. If you selected ‘Art Studio’, please briefly describe your art background.

Is there anything else you would like to do as a volunteer?

Why are you interested in volunteering at Creativity Explored? What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Please describe any previous experience you have had with people with developmental disabilities.

Please describe any previous volunteer experience you have had.

Please list two work- or school-related references. Please do not include personal friends.

 Please upload a pdf file of your resume.

Become a studio artist

Are you an adult with a developmental disability interested in making art?

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