Ellen Smart Oswald

Having grown up on the east coast, Ellen Smart Oswald made her way west by attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison and then UC Berkeley where she majored in art and anthropology. Ellen spent the past 35 years as a resident of Burlingame. Her interests include Iyengar yoga, Jungian philosophy, mind body connection, reading, and art.

Over the years, Ellen has participated in numerous volunteer activities including abused women’s organizations, beach clean-up projects, the public library, and Planned Parenthood. She is currently a co-owner of Leading Edge Sails in San Mateo.

Ellen grew up in a culture of philanthropy, emphasizing both personal as well as professional giving, which has extended throughout her adult life. Together with her twin sister and husband, Ellen is a director of the John and Gwen Smart Foundation which focuses on the arts, education, medicine, and environmental issues.

I felt an immediate connection with CE the first time I walked in the door. The beauty of the gallery combined with the understanding of its mission engaged me artistically, emotionally and intellectually. I was also struck by the convergence of many of our foundation’s focal points in one organization. In my experience, Creativity Explored is the clearest example of a win/win situation for both community and the artists it serves. The quality of the artwork and the joy it brings to the public makes both community and artists re-evaluate the term “disabled." It is an honor to celebrate the creativity of the artists as well as the creativity of past and current board members in setting up and sustaining this important cultural outlet for San Francisco.

Our Current Board

David Prowler, President
Brit Epperson, Vice President
Cindy Morton, Secretary
John Jordan, Treasurer
Lisa Baird
Ruth Berson
Clair Bright
Bari Havlik
Marcello Lariosa
Rel Lavizzo-Mourey
Jeannine Merritt-Elzey
Arianna Orland
Greg Price
Ellen Smart Oswald
Gargi Talukder
Leah Tarlen
Craig Vaughan
Carol Waitte
Cheryl Ward

Administrative, Management & Support Staff

Linda Johnson, Executive Director
Shaelyn Hanes, Office Manager
Megan Hover, Development Manager
Ann Kappes, Director of Licensing
E. Francis Kohler, CE2 Studio & Services Manager/Visual Arts Instructor
Michael Korcek, Director of Marketing & Partnerships
Cléa Massiani, Exhibitions Coordinator
Paul Moshammer, Studio Director
Prasant Nukalapati, Outreach and Community Programs Coordinator
Elena “Bety” Ortiz, Habilitation Aide
Renée Rhodes, Communications Associate
Ken Paul Rosenthal, Art & Exhibition Preparator
Liliana Torpey, Development Associate
Jaime Wong, Gallery Coordinator

Teaching Artists

Victor Cartagena, Visual Arts Instructor
Suda Changkasiri, Visual Arts Instructor
Gilles Combet , Visual Arts Instructor
Leeza Doreian, Visual Arts Instructor
Carole Fitzgerald, CCSF Visual Arts Instructor
Andrew Gilson, Visual Arts Instructor
Judith LaRosa, Visual Arts Instructor
Eric Larson, Assistant Studio Manager & Visual Arts Instructor
Joseph McGovern, Visual Arts Instructor
Geri Montano, Visual Arts Instructor
Larry Morace, Visual Arts Instructor
Michael Napper, Visual Arts Instructor
Pilar Olabarria, Visual Arts Instructor & Services Coordinator
Glenn Peckman, Visual Arts Instructor
Enrique Quintero, Visual Arts Instructor
Jose A. Rosero-Curet, Visual Arts Instructor
Horace Washington, Visual Arts Instructor
Danielle Wright, Visual Arts Instructor

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General Inquiries

Executive Director
Linda Johnson

Jaime Wong

Megan Hover

Marketing/Public Relations
Michael Korcek

Ann Kappes


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